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It was founded in 1972 and today is the largest cruise company in the world.
The story of Carnival Cruise Line is a classic tale of the American dream! Founded in 1972 by Ted Arison, the company started with one old ship and enough fuel for only one crossing from Miami to San Juan. Relying only on enthusiasm, Ted Arison partnered with American International Travel Service, Inc. (AITS) to develop a full-fledged cruise company. Two years later, Carnival was still a small, barely surviving tour operator. But Ted didn’t give up. In 1974, he bought the company from AITS for $1 cash, taking on $5 million in debt. Tenacious, energetic and extremely confident, Ted devoted the rest of his life to developing his company into a maritime legend, turning a $1 investment into the most popular and profitable cruise company in the world!

Carnival is the cruise company with the most innovations. For example, she was the first major company to ban smoking on one of its liners. Carnival is constantly renovating its fleet. Even now the number of Carnival ships in its fleet has reached 22.

The newest and biggest liner of the company CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES Carnival Magic

So what has made Carnival Cruise Line so popular? The company takes its slogan “So much fun! So many places!” Its ships are designed like floating resorts. Special mention should be made of the stunningly themed decor of the liners, created by the talented designer Joe Farkus. The first step on board will take you into a lofty atrium lit by twinkling lights and you will feel like you are in Las Vegas or at the very least, Hollywood! The party onboard never stops, with bands playing all over the ship, a casino and disco until 4 am, and even the midnight buffet opening at half past midnight, with so much to do! Passengers visit the many restaurants, watch Las Vegas-style shows in exquisite multi-level theaters, enjoy cabaret shows, and dine at stylish alternative clubs. By day, they frolic in pools and waterslides, take part in various onboard and shore activities where they can play golf on the world’s best courses, snorkel and snorkel, kayak and canoe, see local attractions, go shopping or just laze on the beach.

All liners have SPAs, gyms and several swimming pools. Starting with the Carnival Destiny class and up, the liners have one of the pools with a sliding roof, so it can be used all year round. The casinos on the Carnival liners are decorated in Las Vegas style with bright neon lights.
The latest series offers 22 bars, a 400 square meter children’s play area, and a teens club. The relaxed atmosphere of relaxation attracts many families on Carnival ships, and often up to four generations of passengers can be seen on board at the same time.
Carnival continues to experiment with restaurants on its liners. You can choose your dinner time from 4 choices of 5:45pm; 6:15pm; 8pm; and 8:30pm.
In addition to traditional dining, Carnival will continue to offer alternative dining options, such as an Asian restaurant, a New York-style restaurant and a sushi bar.
Other innovations include pastry shops and a boutique restaurant, the Nouveau Supper Club.

If you are young in mind and body, Carnival cruises are for you! A sea of entertainment, water slides, spectacular evening shows, fantastic discos, singing and dancing waiters in restaurants, intensive children’s programs, sports activities – all this merges into a colorful kaleidoscope, giving a feeling of never-ending feast! Cruising is fun, says Carnival, and is doing its best to bring that idea to life.

The age range of passengers is 30% under 35, 40% 35-55 and 30% over 55.

Carnival Cruise Line is now part of the largest cruise holding company, Carnival Corporation. In 2005 Carnival arrived in Europe for the first time in its history: the brand-new liner Carnival Liberty, immediately after its launch, carried out a series of 10-day cruises around the Mediterranean Sea from Rome, starting on July 20!

Currency on board is U.S. dollars

Sailing Regions:
Alaska, Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Central America, Cruises to Nowhere, Mediterranean, Hawaii, Mexico, New England/Canada, Panama Canal.

Company Cruises

South America
Panama Canal
Caribbean islands
Hawaiian Islands

Company liners

Carnival Freedom
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Destiny
Carnival Glory
Carnival Legend
Carnival Liberty
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Pride
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Triumph
Carnival Valor
Carnival Victory
Carnival Magic
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Dream