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Was the first (and to date the only) cruise company in history to launch regular transatlantic voyages. With a 160-year tradition of owning some of history’s greatest liners, the company continues to top the news lists – especially in January 2004, when the Queen Mary 2 went into service. The 1,500-ton vessel is the first new ocean liner to be built in 40 years.

The Cunard Line was founded in 1839 by Samuel Cunard as the British and American Royal Mail Company. The company was founded to carry Royal Mail between England, the United States, and Canada. Its first ships were the 1154-ton Britannia, Acadia, Caledonia and Columbia – they could make the trip across the Atlantic in 14 days (at 8.5 knots).

Since the Cunard Line introduced the world’s first regular service across the Atlantic (in 1840), the company has launched 180 ships – many of which were firsts in history. Chief among them were the Laconia, the world’s first to offer a round-the-world cruise; the Servia, the first with electric lights; the Mauretania, which held the speed record; and the Carpathia, which rescued survivors from the Titanic. In the 20th century, several Cunard Line ships participated in the war. The Lusitania, which died in battle, was one of 22 ships actively involved in World War I. Together, the first Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth transported more than 1.5 million soldiers during World War II. The Queen Elizabeth 2 participated in the Falklands Conflict in the 1980s.

The Cunard Line marvelously combines traditional elegance and luxury with contemporary cruise fashion. On these famous liners, you can enjoy your day the way you want it, with the right degree of luxury and in the best of British tradition. Attended by a seasoned crew, trained at the legendary White Star Academy, you’ll be pampered with culinary delights. Culinary delights from the finest chefs in Britain will spoil you. The Queen Mary 2 has the world’s only Canyon Ranch spa, the only planetarium and the largest ballroom in the world! Experience the enchantment of travelling aboard the Cunard Line liners and you’ll have something to remember!

Today the fleet consists of 2 ships. A third ship, the Queen Victoria, is expected to launch in December 2007. Cunard Line is part of the largest cruise holding company Carnival Corporation.

The currency on board is U.S. dollars.

Sailing regions include Trans-Atlantic, South America, Caribbean, Europe from London/Southampton, British Isles/Ireland, Canary Islands/North Africa, Caribbean Islands, Scandinavia/North Pole, New England/Canada, South America.

Cunard Line is the only cruise line in the world that retains passenger class divisions. On Cunard Line liners there are 3 classes of service: Britannia (corresponds to 5* service level), Princess Grill (corresponds to 5* lux) and Queens Grill class (corresponds to 6* service level). The Princess and Queens Grill classes have a dedicated area and restaurant where Britannia Class passengers are not permitted.

Cunard Line liners have strict dress codes:

Formal – tuxedo or dark suit and tie for men, evening gown for ladies.
Semi-formal – jacket and tie for men, cocktail dress for ladies.
Elegant-casual – skirt, blouse, pants, jacket, sweater for ladies, pants, shirt, sweater for gentlemen. Please pay special attention that you will not be able to attend evening events if your clothes do not conform to the dress code of the day.

Company cruises

Australia, Asia, New Zealand
Africa and Indian ocean
Novel itineraries
Norwegian Fjords

Company liners

Queen Mary 2
Queen Elizabeth 2
Queen Victoria